Annual Price Changes & CPI

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Annual Price Changes & CPI

Each year, we adjust the amount you pay per month in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate of inflation, plus 3.9%. When we work out our prices, we use the December CPI rate published in January. For December 2022, the CPI rate was 10.5%. This means that the majority of our customers will see a price increase of 14.4% (which is 10.5% plus 3.9%).

This reflects the increase in the costs to run and invest in the network and service that we provide.

These price changes take effect from 31 March 2023.

What's the Consumer Price Index (CPI)?

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is a measure of whether the cost of goods and services is going up or down based on average price changes from across several industries. A new index is published every month. There’s lots more information on the Office for National Statistics website, search ‘CPI ONS’ for more.

What’s it got to do with Consulting Networks

Starting in January 2020, the price you pay each month for your services may be adjusted each year, according to the CPI rate of inflation. We’ll use the rate published in October. And we’ll change your monthly price from January of the same year. For example, if the CPI rate announced in October 2019 is two percent, your monthly payments from January 2020 would increase by two per cent. This would mean a monthly price of £40 would go up to £40.80 in January 2020.

How have you calculated the rate of increase on my plan?

We'll use the CPI from October each year (which is published in the following November). It measures the average change in prices for consumers across the country, over the last 12 months. We calculate the price change by adding the CPI percentage to the price of the monthly service.

What services are subject to the CPI price increase?

The price of all our services will go up in line with any change in the rate of CPI. Lots of our extra charges, like out-of-allowance calling rates and your optional add-ons will go up in line with CPI too. Have a look in the terms and conditions for each of your services for the full list of charges.

Why do you increase prices?

The price of our pay monthly plans increases in line with CPI so we can keep pace with inflation. This reflects the increase in the costs to run and invest in our network and service we provide you, and allows us to invest in new technology and make sure we give you the best possible service.

What if I have a discount on my monthly plan?

What if I have a discount on my monthly plan? If you have service with us, the price increase to the price you pay for your plan(s), taking account of any discounts you get. So the price you pay each month will go up by the amount in the CPI. If you have broadband with a mobile plan (and therefore the £5 mobile discount), we’ll work out CPI in the same way - by applying CPI to the discounted monthly price you pay, whether you’re in or out of contract. If you only have mobile with us, it’s slightly different. We’ll work out CPI using the monthly price you pay, minus £5 and then add that to your monthly price. For example, if you pay £13 a month for your mobile plan, we’d work out the price increase by applying the CPI percentage to £8 (£13 minus £5). We’d then add that price increase amount to the £13 monthly price. This is to make sure the price change is the same for all our mobile customers on the same plan.

Can I cancel my contract because of the CPI increase?

If you’re within your minimum term when the prices go up, you can cancel your contract. But there will be a fee for cancelling early. If you’re outside of your contract period you can end your contract at any time without any fees.

What happens if I upgrade to another plan?

If you upgrade to another landline, broadband or mobile plan on or after 11 January 2019, your new contract will be subject to the annual CPI price increase each January.