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It all starts with a domain name

Everything starts with a domain name

When you register a domain, you’re not just getting a web address. Your domain name carries your brand, your public image, and your professional reputation. A custom domain name is necessary to help your customers find you, and for credibility online. It’s a vital piece of your online presence. As an accredited domain provider, we provide all major domains names extensions.

What's the deal with domain names?

The perfect domain lets people know at a glance why you're online. Find the right domain extension now to grab more attention and visitors. We offer all domain extensions, including country code, generic, and new domain extensions. With so many to choose from it’s easy to find your perfect domain name.

Why do I need Domain Privacy & Protection?

The internet is full of predators. You need to make sure you’re protected. Every domain registration comes with some protection, but our advanced domain protection provides the security you need to keep safe online. It protects against threats like domain hijackers, even prevent honest mistakes like accidental transfers or expirations. Domain Privacy helps preventing identity theft, unwanted spam, and the sale of your personal information.

Why we're a trusted registrar

For over 15 years, we have been operating at the heart of the internet infrastructure. We provide an extensive portfolio of domain name extensions and affordable professional website solutions. You can buy with confidence and grow your business without breaking your budget, whether for businesses, charities or expressing your personal identity online, we offers a familiar, trusted domain space for everyone.

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Save time and effort trying to workout which services are needed to get online. We provide everything you require to start your own website.

Pre sales specialists

If you have domain name questions (or anything else we offer) our experts are standing by, ready to pick up the phone and help.

The technology you need

We offer an extensive portfolio of internet services, from web design, to email marketing. Best of all, our services are easy to use — and afford.

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How to get a domain name?

1. Decide on a domain name extension. i.e. the end part of a domain name, like or .uk

2. Think what you’d like on the other side of the dot, like the business name or a specialty

3. Call 0800 036 7777. We’ll tell you if the domain is available and show others you may also like

4. You're now the owner of your very own domain. As long it’s registered, no one else may use it

Got any tips on finding a good domain name?

    You bet. While it's really easy to register a domain, having a good strategy helps you register the best domain name possible. Here are some tips:

  • Make it easy to remember. That's why many businesses get domains with their business names in them. Some people even choose their business name only after they have found a domain they like
  • Don't register one that's trademarked, copyrighted, or being used by another company. This can lead to losing the domain and legal problems

  • Shorter is usually better because they're easier for customers to remember. It's also easier to get matching usernames for Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media accounts you have
  • Got a local business? Include your neighborhood, town or city in your domain so local customers can easily remenber who you are, like cambridgecarbreakers
  • Avoid numbers. Anyone who hears your web address won't know if you're using a numeral 5 or "five." If your business name has a number in it, register both versions - with the number and the with the number spelled out
  • Get more than one. As traffic to your website increases, you may attract the attention of copycats who'll snatch up similar domain names in hopes of drawing traffic away from you. Register similar or misspelled domains early so this won't be an issue later